Top 5 Wearable Fashion Trends of 2019

Happy Sunday Folks 😊!

Last week I shared with all of you the top five trends I thought one could avoid wearing in 2019, so justifiably this week I want to share with you what I feel will be the most wearable fashion trends in this coming year [in case you were wondering what is actually wearable]

My List of Top 5 Wearable Fashion Trends for 2019:

1. In terms of COLOURS – This is going to be a year of contrasts where both bright saturated colours, as well as neutrals, are going to rule. So, on one hand, we will have the bright n beautiful Living Coral ( Pantone’s colour of 2019 ) ; Buttery Yellow ; Dark and Moss Greens ; Neon Colours ; Toffee Brown ; Auburn Red ; Princess (Read Electric) Blue ; Sunburn/Turmeric Orange and on the other hand we have the neutral, monochromatic looks too which shall be hot such as Navy, Brown, Oatmeal, Blush, Beige etc.

2. In terms of PRINTS – All kinds of animal prints (Python more than others) will continue ruling the ramps along with tie-dye, polka dots and scarf prints ( all 3 predicted to be huge this year ). Besides these, checks/gingham, stripes and large vintage florals also continue to remain current this year.

3. In terms of SURFACE EMBELLISHMENT – Clothes which I feel will have the widest appeal will be the ones which are very feminine in nature having a lot of Ruffles (still hot from last year); Bows (could be anywhere from your neckline, to your backs or even in your hair accessories) and Ruching (a fabulously forgiving trend,when done right,for those amongst us who are more curvy or generously endowed).

4. In terms of STYLE – Matching Skirt or Pant Suits will definitely be wearable as workwear. In addition, Cargo pants are forecast to be big this year and their new avatar is more tailored and might prove to be popular (read wearable) amongst the younger lot. Prairie Dresses (read longer length and full sleeves) and Boiler Suits (read looser cousins of the Jumpsuit) too shall be trending in the summer. Capes are also still trending and are being termed the new trench coats now. Puffy fuller sleeves shall also leave their mark.

5. In terms of ACCESSORIES – Hair Clips and Hairbands are going to be very in this year especially those with Bow details. All kinds of accessories in Tortoiseshell as well (from Sunglasses to Earrings to Hair Clips to Bracelets etc). Small Fanny bags and Micro Bags have been the rage for a while and will continue being so (not meant for the curvier amongst us as when we put something so tiny against our body , we tend to look even larger in comparison 😞).

So, that was my round up for the upcoming year. Do write in to me and let me know if i have missed out something or if you have any other suggestions or comments 😊.

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