Tips to deal with Fussy Eaters | Lahar Bhatnagar

Many children are fussy eaters.  How to deal with fussy eaters is the question that can make a mom tear her hair out!

Fussy eating is normal, but it can be hard to handle. Most of the time fussy eating isn’t about food – it’s often about children wanting to be independent.

Sipping Thoughts speaks with Parenting Expert – Lahar Bhatnagar, she gives some ideas that might help if you have fussy eaters in the family.

Topics covered in this video:

Are All Kids fussy eaters?
Should we be Warried?
The 20 Minutes Philosophy?
How to Introduce Healthy Foods?

So what are some simple things that you can do?

  1. Go back to our roots
  2. Eat what is made
  3. Limit the choices

Top 5 Tips for Fussy Eaters:

  1. Tell the first birthday – give them variety
  2. Let them play with food
  3. No Screen Time at Food Time
  4. Involve kids in Menu and Food Planning
  5. Don’t force feed
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