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How to Answer Most asked Interview Question: Tell Me about Yourself?

At some point of life, we all would have either given or taken an interview! And the first question is usually “Tell me about yourself”. And most of us get confused that how to answer? To tell interviewer our personal qualities or Professional qualities or achievements? And sometimes we don’t answer it properly which makes us lose the opportunity. So here we have Soumya Satsangi, who is a consultant and Will help us on how to answer this tricky question in a way that the interviewer has no other option than to select you! Listen to her, groom yourself and Bag the next job!

Here are Some Tips for most asked interview question by our expert:

  • It is a Starter to give a brief synopsis within 2 min
  • Try to Door Open for conversation.
  • It has to be Crisp.
  • It’s pitch about yourself
  • Make it Interesting.
  • It should never be personal, it should bring out your personality.
  • Focus on High level issues
  • Try to explain things that are pertinent for the job.
  • Memorize It.

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