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dear World

From the Dear World Project
Read by Meeta Gutgutia

Dear People,

I’ve been lucky enough to be brought up in a family who has always been supportive and does not believe in the stereotypes of society. I’ve always been treated equally and I’ve been given the freedom to do what I want to.  But this is what happens on a small scale. I’ve been kept in a safe nutshell with my parents by my side. But when it comes to society as a whole, there have been times when I had to compromise my choices and demands.

To me, freedom is everything. Freedom of choice; to do what I want to do, to say what I want to say, to feel what I want to without being told that I can’t because I am a girl. I despise the thought that society or culture will decide my actions. I need free will. For me, only my parents can stop me from doing anything because I trust them with my whole self and I know that they won’t bend or make me sacrifice my dreams because of the pressure of society.

I’ve always wanted to be a fashion designer. Call is cliché for all I care. My ears have grown tired from listening, ‘Oh you are a girl, it’s obvious’. Honestly, such comments don’t bother me. I made a choice. That’s what I want. And so, that is what I’ll aim for. Society can say or do whatever it wants to. I want to become an independent Fashion Designer and I’ll be one someday.

If I talk about gender discrimination; all I have to say is that all the changes comes from upbringing. If parents start believing that both their boy and girl child are equal, and so treat them equally and give them the freedom they want; we are half way through our problems.

If parents start treating girls like a liability or I should say ‘burden’ and believe that they can be assets just like boys, girls can achieve a lot more than this world could guess. It is all in the head that needs to change. No government, no rules, no regulations, no laws. Just the thinking.


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‘Dear World’ is an initiative by CSSG (Creative Services Support Group), an organisation that intends to break the poverty cycle by applying a global and creative perspective to empowering change. The project is a step in the direction of educating young men and women on gender through the use of poetry, art, portrayal of strong female role models and letters written by young girls from around the world.

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