Ranthambore Tiger Sanctuary: Very different yet fantastic landscape

Ranthambore Tiger Sanctuary

Last month I visited Ranthambore Tiger Sanctuary for the fifth time in the last 6 years ….yes, I have been going there every consecutive year with the exception of last year and so, I felt that the tigers were literally calling out to me this year (🤪) ….the withdrawal symptoms were so bad!!

Ranthambore is one place I liken to a drug as it’s super addictive if you are a nature or wildlife enthusiast. I say so because every time I have been there I have always ( without fail ) sighted at least one tiger ( sometimes more 😇). The sightings are not all great but once or twice you do get really lucky.

The chances of sighting a tiger in Ranthambore are amongst the highest in India as it is the only dry forest and there is not enough adequate cover for the tiger to hide in ( unlike the tall grasses in Corbett and the lush forests elsewhere ). Though of course, the tiger’s natural camouflage is so great that if it were standing a couple of feet away from you ( and your eye was not trained ) , you would not be able to spot it. Which is the reason that every safari has a guide on board.

Another reason I love the place is because of its very different yet fantastic landscape , the view of the 3 beautiful lakes in Zone 3 and the majestic Ranthambore Fort with it’s view of the place from above. If you watch National Geographic, you would have definitely heard of the place and I would recommend it to everyone as a must do at least once. Of course, do your research and book your zones with care and get set to experience the adrenaline rush of a lifetime 😊!

Visited by Tina Walia & Family


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