I am back with the rest of my five fashion hacks this week 😊.

6. WEAR A BRACELET ALONE: Yes, you read it right… without any help. We all know this is the one thing that can be very tricky especially, the tighter ones with the latch kind of fastening. All you need to do is find any paper clip in the house and unravel it so it is stretched out and longer. Hook one end of the clasp to one side of the bracelet and now try to wear the bracelet , it will be so much easier as the clip will give u that extra something to hold on to. This ones nothing short of a miracle 😇!

7. STRETCH YOUR LEATHER SHOES: When you want to make your shoes a bit larger if they pinching your toes or just to make them more comfortable all you need to do is wear a thick pair of socks and then put on those shoes. Heat those shoes with a hairdryer and then keep wearing them till they cool down. When you now remove your socks and try your shoes, you will immediately notice the difference. Though you might need to repeat this process a few times to get the perfect fit.

8. KEEP STRAPLESS TOPS IN PLACE : These tops though very trendy can be very annoying too as they keep riding up every time you move. The best way to prevent them is to loop or knot two hair elastics together. Attach each end with a safety pin to just your armholes are so that you can slip your arms through them – the trick is to make sure they stay under your arms and are not visible on your shoulders . This ensures that the top doesn’t budge all day!

9. DO IT YOURSELF ANTI-STATIC SPRAY: I hate that pesky feeling when my skirt or pants tends to stick to my skin due to static. Anti-Static sprays are hard to find in India so, I make my own. In a spray bottle pour some hair conditioner and then fill the rest of it with water. Shake it really well for a while. Every time you are worried about static (as certain synthetic fabrics are more prone) just shake this solution and spray the inside of the skirt or trouser with this and let in dry for a bit before you wear it… it really works!

10. PREVENT STOCKINGS FROM SNAGGING: Don’t you all just hate it when certain stockings snag at just the first wear. All you need to do to prevent this is to liberally spray your stocking with any hairspray while wearing them. This makes the stockings quite snag resistant.

I do hope that some of these can be of use to you in your daily routine and make life a bit simpler for you 😊.

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