Music Therapy with Brian Silas

Music Therapy with Brian Silas

Music therapy with Brian Silas

Finally after a lot of research n ground work…practice and rehearsals…we had a session of music therapy…a lot of requests were done for an evening with piano n Brian…he is a musician…a magician gifted with the talent of his fingers dancing on the piano n soul satisfying music…old songs…humming with his music..

Music Therapy with Brian Silas
Music Therapy with Brian Silas

What I experienced among other people attending the session…the music has a rhythm as we know it…it guides you to deeper connectivity of your soul, mind and body…one has to experience it to understand it…it’s a priceless gift to creative minds as it takes you to sub conscious self…deep rooted ideas n imaginations come on the surface…it connects you to your inner child…your deep rooted desires n fears..i kind of saw the trailer of what I could experience as the time was short..i felt joyous…I discovered my creative self..


Music Therapy with Brian Silas
Music Therapy with Brian Silas

Science n studies have been publishing articles on the health benefit and effect of music therapy on different health conditions…sometimes its used as an alternate therapy..chinese philosophy also speaks about the connection of 5 internal organs n meridian connections responding to music.

Music therapy has been proven effective in dealing with insomnia, depression, autism, dementia and other healing process…

Let me not go there as again all this information one can read on google…I am writing here to share my personal experience…

Music has always been apart of my growing up life. One has lot of memories and emotions attached to it…I could not sleep without my music. Music makes me happy…music makes me cry…

my 2 children cannot do without their music…I see them bonding over music..

Its just that we never have given it any importance more than feel good factor…we enjoy music…but we never paid attention to its effect.

Finally attending a music therapy with Brian silas…the realization happened…i am blessed to be there…listen to it… it was meditative…one must find out where a session is happening and listen to it once in a while..


Meeta Gutgutia

Music Therapy Session by Brian Silas

April 3, 2019

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