How to wear the asymmetrical top or dress

Asymmetrical top: Which Look

We are all human and so, we all make mistakes….living is about continuous learning!
Even though i am an Image consultant, I still goof up and I have no problem admitting it 😉.

To state an example, the first time I bought this asymmetrical black top from Zara 2/3 years ago ( I loved it then and I love it now too ), I chose to wear it with a red necklace as has been my trademark style for the last few years.

how to wear asymmetrical top
how to wear asymmetrical top

Not surprising then, that on autopilot mode this time too when I decided to wear it for a photo shoot ( for Sipping Thoughts ) , I carried along my red necklace and matching red shoes feeling that I looked like a million bucks …..only to be told both by Sukirti and Meeta ( two people I trust ) that the necklace made it too busy and took the focus away from the classy asymmetric neckline. Since , they were both pretty certain of it, I decided to go with their opinion. Now when I compare my pics too ( from the past ) to the current one , I realise they were bang on!


Asymmetrical top:  Which Look
Asymmetrical top: Which Look

So, you see fashion is sometimes about trial and error too and learning from your mistakes 😇

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