Three tricks to figure out your skin’s undertone and figure out the right colors to wear

How to figure out your skin's undertone

Happy Sunday Folks!

So today I’m going to share with all of you 3 simple tricks to help you figure out your skin’s undertone which will help you choose the right colours to wear and the right colours to apply as makeup and even the right hair colour for you… what could be better, right?

So, let’s get started…

TEST 1 – Stand in front of a window in natural daylight ( make sure you don’t do this under the bright sunlight or under unnatural room light ) and look at the veins on the inner side your wrists. If your veins look blue/purplish then, you have Cool undertones. If your veins look green/olive then, you have Warm undertones. If you can’t make out if they are blue or green then maybe you have a Neutral undertone. Though I would suggest you do the second test to try and figure it out clearly.

Test 1

TEST 2 – Take a White sheet of paper and put it next to your neck and chest. Do not compare with your face as our face always look more pink/red due to hormones. This result is even more accurate if you stand wearing a white towel around your head and on your body as well. So, when you compare your neck/chest to the white paper does it look more pink or yellow ? If it looks more Pink then , you have Cool undertones ( as you have more blue in your skin ). If it looks more yellow then , you have Warm undertones. If you still cannot tell them maybe you are Neutral and still need to do the third test.

Test 2

TEST 3 – Take a piece of jewellery in Silver and Gold each – both should be the same size and surface area. Hold both of them against your neck and see which one makes your skin look more radiant and healthy. If Silver is the one that suits you then, you have Cool undertones. If Gold suits you better then , you have Warm undertones. If you still can’t tell after all these tests then you are most definitely Neutral and are blessed as you can wear all the colours and still look fabulous.

Test 3

This is not to say that people with Warm undertones cannot wear Blues and Greens or that people with Cool undertones can’t wear Reds and yellows. There is a bit more to it which I shall share with all of you in my next blog so, watch this space!

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