What hairstyle will suit your face shape

Happy Sunday Folks 😊!

I’m back this week with my guidelines to help you find the perfect hairstyle meant for you according to the shape of your face. Like I mentioned last week that there are mostly 9 types of Face Shapes. I discussed a few in my blog last week ( so, if you missed that pls do refer to it 🙂). Will discuss the remaining few today ….here goes


5. SQUARE – Typical examples would be Kareena Kapoor, Esha Gupta, Athiya Shetty, Hollywood actresses Angelina Jolie and Salma Hayek too. This face shape is as wide as it is long but with more angles than the Round Face. We should visually try to lengthen the face a bit so short hair is definitely a no-no. Longer and Mid-Length hair with soft waves or curls hiding their strong jawline would be best. Fullness on top/at the crown also works wonders.


6. TRIANGLE – This Shape is extremely rare and the only example that comes to mind is Hollywood actress Jodie Foster. As their forehead is much narrower than their jawline, they look best in Short to Medium length hair which covers their jawbone. Soft fullness is required at the temples/sides to balance their face.

7. INVERTED TRIANGLE ( Also known as Heart Shaped ) – Typical examples would be Karisma Kapoor, Hollywood actresses Scarlett Johansen and Reese Witherspoon. All lengths of hair suit them but they should completely avoid pulling them back( avoid tying hair back). Hairstyles that add fullness or volume at the cheek and jaw level work best. Wispy/narrow diagonal bangs are ideal for this face shape.

8. DIAMOND – Typical examples would be Bipasha Basu, Madhuri Dixit, Urvashi Rautela and Hollywood actress/model Elizabeth Hurley. They are similar to an Oval shape but with a narrower forehead and chin. Thus, most hairstyles too suit this type of face shape if all their other facial features are regular and symmetrical.

9. TRAPEZOID ( Also known as Pear Shaped ) -Typical examples would be Hollywood actress Minnie Driver; Singer/actress Kelly Osbourne. Some people who are overweight and tend to have excess weight around their jaw fall under this category at times ( Example: Vidya Balan). Even elderly people who lose muscle definition around their jawline come under this category. Ideally, they should aim to have hairstyles which give them fullness/volume at the temples and try to cover their heavier jawline somehow ( either with the help of soft curls/waves or having their first layer cut till their jaw ).

I would be happy even if some of the these tips can help you in looking and feeling on top of the world with your mane truly shining n blowing in the wind ( taking up centre stage of course 😉).

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