Good Touch, Bad Touch .. Inappropriate Touch in today’s day

Good Touch .. Bad Touch .. Inappropriate Touch

Shades of Gray:   Good touch . Bad touch .. Inappropriate Touch!

Whispering in her ear .. clasping her waist .. smelling her  hair    may seem harmless .. but is it?

I am in the US amidst the latest controversy .. Joe Biden, Former VP and currently a presidential candidate, and his “HANDINESS” and violations in PERSONAL SPACE ..

None of the woman termed the encounters with Joe Biden as sexual harassment .. but uncomfortable encounters … Eight women came forward .. so far!   What can we learn all from this   .

The boundaries of protecting personal space have been reset, and I get it. . . . I’ll be much more mindful,” as Biden said.

Touch is an expression of intimacy. Unwanted touch is an expression of power.   Hence, in today’s day and age .. one should be very careful touching another person.

  1. Inappropriate TOUCH ..
  2. Standing too close
  3. Staring inappropriately
  4. Hugging someone for too long
  5. Clasping the waist
  6. Whispering into some-ones ear
  7. Smelling hair
  8. Grabbing shoulders
  9. Touching their forehead
  10. Clasping hands

And if something feels uncomfortable – that is inappropriate touch … my advice .. don’t touch if you are unfamiliar or do not know someone very well.   Be mindful of your touch!

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