Finally 50 | Age is just a number

Turning 50 years old

Do I lie about my age … no way!  Or Not Yet!

I woke up this morning … and on the right side of 50.   Feeling the same .. looking the same … still raring to go … grateful and content …   but 50 is a MILESTONE Birthday…

So as I started to think about what this MILESTONE means .. many questions and thoughts came to my mind:

  1. Is 50 the new “middle age”… Are 50’s are the new 40’s  .. so am I supposed to feel like 40 all over again?
  2. Average Life Expectancy = 80 … so 60% of my life over. .. or will I live till 80 or 90?
  3. Retirement Age = 67  .. so that means I have 17 more years to work .. or hopefully I will never  have to retire?

HMMMM…. OK, here is my GOOD, BAD and UGLY about turning 50 …

The Good: The Freedom

Remembering the 50 years that I have lived and the amazing memories to cherish.

  • I still am charged up ready to go.
  • I am sure of myself – both in body and mind and don’t apologize for my choices
  • I am liberated as I have stopped worrying about non-essential things
  • I love my family and friends .. and appreciate them so so much more
  • Things are not very important anymore … experiences are what I value

The Bad:  Remaining “YOUNG”

Being Relevant with technology/language and culture that is rapidly changing

  • Maintaining good health to keep the engine running smoothly
  • Thinking seriously about finances, insurances and retirement planning (not that I am planning to retire)
  • Dealing with Losing loved ones

The Ugly:  Understanding “TIME”

The ugly part of aging is a lot to do with the physicality

  • Sagging skin and hair loss are a major concern
  • The sober realization that I have a finite amount of time life … so time is of the essences
  • Still a lot of things on my bucket list to complete

Turning 50 is all in the mind … 50’s are not the new 40’s ..  but like all previous decades I am sure that the next ones will be equally exciting and adventurous!   I always was and will always be #1 on my list .. so watchout 50’s … I am raring to take you on!

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