Top 5 Fashion Trends to avoid in 2019

Happy Sunday Folks 😊!

As I sat to research on the trends that I would love for the coming year, I came to the realisation that maybe I should first write about which ones to dump (as there were quite a few) 😬. So, here goes…


Top Five Trends to Avoid in 2019 –

1. BIKE SHORTS/CYCLING SHORTS – This trend started with Kim Kardashian. But, unless you are a gym bunny and don’t mind flaunting every single curve on your lower half (and some you didn’t even know existed), I would suggest not going there. Not even with a longer Blazer like the celebrities are wearing.

Bike shorts

2. SLIP DRESSES – Personally I have nothing against them and feel they look great in the summers or on the beach but, the more recent ones I have seen are really lingerie-inspired. One can try to toughen them up with a distressed Denim jacket and Biker boots to make them look more street appropriate rather than bedroom ready. More for the younger lot I guess and I would just avoid it.

Slip Dress

3. TINY SUNGLASSES – This trend is sure to die down real soon as it might look cool but doesn’t really offer any sun protection and moreover makes most people look weird and unattractive.

Tiny sunglasses

4. SUPER SHEER – This one’s a no brainer really. It’s been extremely popular on the runways but I fail to see how it can translate to everyday wear unless you use it only as layering pieces. This is one trend where it’s easier to go wrong than it is to get it right… not to mention the awkward stares from those around.

Super Sheer

5. NEOPRENE and EXTREME CROCHET – The number five position is a tie between these two. Neoprene is a wet suiting fabric which is very bulky and was used extensively by Michael Kors – looks very cool on editorial fashion spreads but very tricky to translate into everyday wear. Personally, I like Crochet as it’s very feminine and flirty but some designers have taken the extreme route and made it look more like a fishing net which is the reason why it figures on this list.


This is not say that if you like any of the above trends you shouldn’t wear them but I chose them as I felt they were very tricky to wear and difficult to incorporate in your daily wardrobe 😊.

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