BJP Manifesto 2019: What is there for Women

BJP Manifesto 2019

BJP Manifesto:  Women mentioned 44 times in the Manifesto …

After all, our dream of ‘New India’ is the one where women are strong and empowered and are equal partners in the development of the country.  … Shri Narendra Modi

4 Major Themes of Women Empowerment

    • Women-Led Development
    • Ensuring Equal Rights
    • Ensuring a Dignified Life for Women
    • Reservation for Women

13 Major Items:

  1. Committed to annulling Article 35A of the Constitution of India as the provision is discriminatory against non-permanent residents and women of Jammu and Kashmir.
  2. We will ensure full immunization coverage for all the children and pregnant women by 2022.
  3. Khelo India’ scheme:  special attention will be given to encourage spotting talent among women and tribals.
  4. We are committed to continue to build on these gains to provide accessible and affordable quality education to all women.
  5. In the next 5 years, to ensure financial empowerment among women in rural and semi-rural areas and create better employment opportunities for them.  Will formulate a comprehensive ‘Women in Workforce’ roadmap focussed on dramatically increasing the female workforce participation rate over the next five years.
  6. To generate better work opportunities for women, 10% material to be sourced for government procurement will be done from MSMEs having at least 50% women employees in their workforce.
  7. To ensure greater participation of women in the workforce, it is necessary to enable them to continue in the workforce by providing support for child care. We will ensure that the number of childcare facilities is increased three fold by 2022.
  8. We will legislate a bill to prohibit and eliminate practices such as Triple Talaq and Nikah Halala.
  9. We will reduce the malnutrition level by at least 10% in the next five years, doubling the rate of reduction of malnourishment.
  10. We will ensure that all reproductive and menstrual health services are easily available to all women across India and with the expansion of ongoing Suvidha scheme, sanitary pads at an affordable cost of just Rs. 1 will be provided to all women and girls.
  11. Women’s security will be given more priority. We have constituted the Women’s Security Division in the Home Ministry, and have made strict provisions for transferring the laws in order to commit crimes against women, in particular in a time-bound investigation and trail for rape.
  12. We are committed to ensure the welfare of widows of defence personnel who were killed in action. We will formulate a dedicated programme for the creation of work opportunities, provide skill training and strengthen social security mechanism for widows of our Martyrs.
  13. BJP is committed to 33% reservation in parliament and state assemblies through a constitutional amendment.
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